Academic Lecture (169): “Insider’s Perspective: Appreciating the Beauty of Chinese Opera from Singing, Recitation, Acting to Acrobatics”

Start Time

12 May, 2023

End Time

12 May, 2023


No.1 Building R108


The Jing Ju Troupe


After founding Fu Hsing Arts Academy (today’s NTCPA) in 1957, Mr. Zhen- Zu Wang set up Fu Hsing Beijing Opera Troupe in 1963 – the first professional traditional opera troupe affiliated to an educational institution in Taiwan, and one with the longest history on the island. Later, with the merger of the National Fu Hsing Experimental School of Theater Arts and the National Kuo Kuang Academy of Arts, Fu Hsing Beijing Opera Troupe also changed its name to the Jing Ju Troupe of the NTJCPA, and renamed again as the NTCPA Jing Ju Troupe (or the Jing Ju Troupe) today.


The Jing Ju Troupe is mainly composed of talented graduates of the NTCPA. Over the years, the Troupe has put on hundreds of performances of traditional Jing Ju plays, many of them all-time classics of the art form, including: Silang Visits His Mother, Legend of the White Snake, Belle Diaochan, Reunion at Gucheng, The Picture of Eight Righteous Men, The General Wu Zixu, Dragon and Phoenix in Harmony, Monkey King and Generals of the Yang Family. In addition to the classics, the Troupe has also applied modern sensitivities into their new Jing Ju and Kunqu opera adaptations in recent years. Among its latest adaptations and creations are: 808 Years: The Rise of Zhou Dynasty, NanGong, ChangWan, Before the White Hare comes, Two-faced Wu Qi, Cai Wenji, all of which were very well received by the audience.