The Graduate Institute of Drama and Theatre was founded on August 1, 1995. Our course design conjoins Chinese and Western dramatic theories, focusing on the aspects of theatre history, texts, theories, and aesthetics with the aim of cultivating future researchers, educators, artists, and talents in creative marketing, media and communication. M.A. candidates can opt for their research topic according to personal interest. The successful candidates will be awarded an M.A. (Master of Arts) degree.

In 1999, the Department of Drama and Theatre was formed, awarding B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) degrees. Each academic year, we recruit approximate 35 to 40 students (with levelled out gender) to nurture future researchers, educators, theatre makers, designers, directors, writers, performers, and talents in creative marketing, media and communication for Taiwan.

Based on the approval of the Ministry of Education on the Department’s pedagogical performance and academic contributions, the Department established the doctoral program on August 1, 2014, awarding successful candidates with a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy). The program aims to conduct academic theatre studies and cross-disciplinary research, and discover various angles for applied theory in hopes of constructing a panoramic vision in theatre studies. The course design of the undergraduate program conjoins theory and practice, aesthetics and technique, tradition and modernity, and Chinese and Western theories to provide well-rounded theatrical education on a solid cultural basis. Our aim is to provide students with the opportunities to become familiar with various theatrical aspects such as history, theory, playwriting, acting, directing, design, and technique. Students are able to pursue advanced studies according to their inclinations and competence. Furthermore, all students are encouraged to make the best use of the abundant academic resources available at the university. Aside from the inter-collegiate cooperation agreements that NTU has signed with National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and National Taipei University of Education, our students can also take inter-collegiate courses from the Department of Radio and Television in National Cheng-Chi University and the School of Dance in National Taipei University of the Arts. There are also reserved quotas for our students to exchange to Shanghai Theatre Academy. To help students become qualified teachers, the department also takes part in the university’s Education Programs, and high school faculty preliminary training program in Performing Arts.

Many of our alumni were accepted into prestigious universities abroad; they studied theatre and other related disciplines, and graduated with honors. Our alumni have outstanding performance in a wide range of fields: academia, theatre, playwriting, film and television, design, etc.


Full-Time Faculty


Ph.D., Degree


Project Faculty


M.F.A. and M.A. Degree


Emeritus Professors




Adjunct Faculty


(1) Distinguished scholars from home and abroad are often invited to give lectures or seminars.
(2) International conferences are held every other year.
(3) Domestic and international workshops are organized occasionally.
(4) Post-performance discussion involving all faculty and students is regularly held after the department’s annual production.


Professional Abilities

Undergraduate Program

(1) Chinese and Taiwanese Dramatic and Theatrical Theories
(2) Western Dramatic and Theatrical Theories
(3) Playwriting
(4) Theories and Practice of Performing and Directing & Performance Studies
(5) Theatre Production
(6) Theatre Design
(7) Theatre Technology and Management
(8) Art and Design
(9) Art Appreciation and Humanistic Attainment

Graduate Program – MA

(1) Chinese and Taiwanese Dramatic and Theatrical Theories
(2) Western Dramatic and Theatrical Theories
(3) Playwriting
(4) Performance Studies
(5) Theatre Design
(6) Critical Thinking and Research Methodology

Graduate Program – PhD

(1) Theories of Drama and Theatre in China
(2) Theories of Drama and Theatre in Taiwan
(3) Theories of Western Drama and Theatre
(4) Theories of Directing and Acting
(5) Appreciation and Analysis of Theatrical Aesthetics
(6) Cross-Disciplinary Research and Innovation
(7) Critical Thinking and Research Methodology

Main Domain of Further Studies

Undergraduate Program

(1) Drama & Theatre Domain
(2) Performance Domain
(3) Directing and Playwriting Domain
(4) Design and Technique Domain

Graduate Program

(1) Drama & Theatre Domain
(2) Culture and Creative Industry Domain
(3) Screenwriting and Playwriting Domain

Career options

Undergraduate Program

(1) Education Faculty Member / Researcher
(2) Theatre Technician
(3) Theatre Designer
(4) Playwriter / Director / Performer
(5) Staff of Creative Marketing / Mass Communication and Media

Graduate Program – MA

(1) Education Faculty Member / Researcher
(2) Artist in Theatre
(3) Staff of Creative Marketing / Mass Communication and Media

Graduate Program – PhD

(1) Academic in Theatre Studies
(2) Higher Education Faculty Member
(3) Artist in Theatre
(4) Cross-disciplinary Researcher
(5) Cross-disciplinary Designer and Operator
(6) Designer and Operator in Cultural and Creative Industries

In order to provide students with facilities and sufficient space, the department overcome the inherent spatial limitations and set up specified classrooms and theatres. Through the realization of project activities, students are able to learn more profoundly.

The department is located in Building NO.1 on the main campus, occupying the first floor and the west half of the second floor. It has 31 rooms, including a department office, faculty lounge, faculty offices, a seminar room, lecture halls, classrooms for design technology, a scene shop, rehearsal classrooms, a costume shop and a multimedia lab. We also have projectors, a slide projector, an opaque project, a digital single lens reflex camera, a video camera, CDR-W, a digital equalizer, a P4 computer for graphics, a HP plotter (A1 Size), a time lapse camera, stationary power tools, hand power tools welding tools, a laser beam cutting machine, a vacuum forming machine, pneumatic tools,3D printing machines,3D simulation software, 3D digital body scanner, industrial sewing machines, an overlock sewing machine, blindstitch sewing machine dummies, acoustic equipment, multimedia facilities, computers and printers, all of which are accessible to faculty and students.

Currently, there are 136,670 publications and 512 types of journals and databases on drama and theatre in the University’s Main Library.