Date Production Director Venue
05.18~05.21 Year Production:The Seagull Sung Hou Kuan University Players Theatre
12.09~12.11 Grad Production:Innocence Pin Wei Chang Nanhai Theater
05.13~05.15 Year Production:The Arabian Nights Po Shen Lu Nanhai Theater
12.27~01.02 Grad Production:A Concise History of Future China Su Chuan Wei Experimental Theatre of Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center
Canceled Year Production:House in Water Po Shen Lu
12.25~12.27 Grad Production:Spring Sleeping Rui En Lin Nanhai Theater
05.28~05.29 Year Production:Love And Information Che Pin Hsu Wellspring Theater
12.20~12.22 Grad Production:Peer Gynt Pin Chen Kuo Umay Theater
05.31~06.02 Year Production:Shakespeare at the Mahjong Game Po Shen Lu City Stage
12.21~12.23 Grad Production:The Szewcy Li Yan Yin NCPA Performance Centre
05.25~05.27 Year Production:Six Characters in Search of an Author Po Shen Lu Hakka Music and Theater Center
12.22~12.24 Grad Production:La Réunification des Deux Coréesi Chi Shan Lin Hakka Music and Theater Center
05.19~05.21 Year Production:Silent Fugue Hung Cheng Fu Hakka Music and Theater Center
12.16~12.18 Grad Production:The Play Boy Of Western World Shih Hao Wang Hakka Music and Theater Center
06.03~06.05 Year Production:As You Like It Po Shen Lu Nanhai Theater
12.11~12.13 Grad Production:And Then There Were None Ching Yuan Cheng NTU Theatre
05.15~05.16 Year Production:The King Stag Raffaele Furno City Stage
12.12~12.14 Grad Production:Woyzeck Yu Hao Lin-Sun NTU Theatre
05.08~05.11 Year Production:Twelfth Night Po Chang Tsai NTU Theatre
12.06~12.08 Grad Production:Le Balcon Li Sheng Chang NTU Theatre
05.17~05.19 Year Production:The Bacchae Po Shen Lu NTU Theatre
12.07~12.09 Grad Production:Why Torture Is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them Chih Hen Su NTU Theatre
05.18~05.20 Year Production:The Lieutenant of Inishmore Yu Hui Fu Wellspring Theater
12.09~12.11 Grad Production:The Woman in the Window Chia Hao Mo NTU Theatre
05.20~05.22 Year Production:Measure for Measure Po Shen Lu NTU Theatre
12.03~12.05 Grad Production:The Ritz Che Yi Liao NTU Theatre
05.21~05.23 Year Production:Critical Mo[ve]ments Hung Cheng Fu NTU Theatre
12.04~12.06 Grad Production:Six Degrees of Separation Meng Huan Lin NTU Theatre
06.05~06.07 Year Production:Mulan Po Shen Lu City Stage
12.05~12.07 Grad Production:Speaking in Tongues Ho Yu Chen NTU Theatre
05.23~05.25 Year Production:Romeo and Juliet-Bestial Acts Chia Ming Wang NTU Theatre
12.07~12.09 Grad Production:The Dining Room Yen Ling Huang NTU Theatre
05.03~05.06 Year Production:Der Besuch Der Alten Dame Yu Hui Fu NTU Theatre
12.15~12.17 Grad Production:Theft’s Carnival Kai Hsiang Tu NTU Theatre
12.08~12.10 Grad Production:Cloud 9 Tsung Chi Fan NTU Theatre
05.12~05.20 Year Production:The Spurt of Blood Ying Chuan Wei NTU Theatre
12.16~12.18 Grad Production:I Hate Hamlet Mao Kang Chen NTU Theatre
12.09~12.11 Grad Production:Rhinoceros Kuang Wei Feng NTU Theatre
05.19~05.22 Grad Production:Angles in America Hung Yuan Wang NTU Theatre
12.23~12.27 Year Production:No Comment Hung Cheng Fu NTU Old Main Library R250
05.13~05.16 Grad Production:Chance Tao Chiang NTU Old Main Library R250
05.13~05.16 Grad Production:Emma Chia Chi Hsu NTU Old Main Library R250
05.06~05.09 Grad Production:Twelfth Night Ssu Hsien Hsu NTU Old Main Library R250
12.17~12.21 Year Production:Kao Sha Kuan Yu Hui Fu NTU Old Main Library R250
09.16~09.25 Year Production:All in the Timing Kun Chun Yao NTU Old Main Library R250
12.19~12.22 Grad Production:The Hotel New Hampshire Ping Chuan Kao NTU Old Main Library R250
12.12~12.15 Grad Production:Servant of Two Masters Chih Kai Wang NTU Old Main Library R250
05.16~05.17 Year Production:Macbeth Ching Mei Chu New Stage
12.14~12.16 Year Production:The Caucasian Chalk Circle Min Ko Lin TaipeiEYE
05.30~06.02 Year Production:The Rhythm of Life Yin Yu Lin Nanhai Theater
04.07~04.09 Year Production:The Merchant of Venice Chen Jung Chu NTU First Student Activity Center
01.19~01.20 Year Production:Golden Child Li Shih Ai New Stage
12.09~12.10 Year Production:Chu Lo Chi Chuan Fu Liu NTU Old Main Library R252
03.31~04.01 Year Production:The Chat Between the Mountains、Sandbox、The Importance of Being Earnest Ching Mei Chu NTU Old Main Library R252