Academic Lecture (175): “Communication arts of professional animation, visual effect and post-production”

Start Time

18 Sep, 2023

End Time

18 Sep, 2023


No.1 Building R201


Chung-Shun Yang

Lecturer: Chung-Shun Yang

Profile: Chung-Shun studied film production in New York in 2007 then back to Taiwan start his film career in 2009. Started from art department, was set decoration and assistant director in Life of Pi. He decided to be a VFX because no one want to do this on set, he tried to communication in production then supervise on set, then do the post, hope to make VFX more real. Started in 2012, already supervised 20 movies and TV series. Chung-Shun is still doing VFX, also be a producer, producing his own animation series now.