Academic Lecture (127): “The Making of the Performance Art Critic’s Self- Identification”

Start Time

16 NOV, 2021

End Time

16 NOV, 2021


No.1 Building 108R


Yue-Lin Wu


Wu Yue-Lin, a drama critic, a contributing editor of PAR magazine, an executive editor of performance art review website of NCAF, an instructor of the Center for General Education in National Tsing Hua University. Wu concerns about contemporary traditional drama, atypical theatre and young composers’ composition. Wu writes on performance art review website of NCAF, PAR magazine, Youth Literary. Also, Wu held the position of dramaturg in Taipei Seagull Theatre Hua Zuo Bei Feng (2019), The seagull, and their stories. (2021), Chang Yi Ge Hand Puppet Theater Ou, Chen Mo Le (2020), Studio M Dang Jin-Lian Cheng Shu Shi (2021).