Keeping pace with the ever developing theater arts, research in theater studies today often integrates literature, music, dance, and visual art, as well as anthropology, sociology, multi-media, and other disciplines.

Journal of Theater Studies, launched in 2007 under the auspices of National Science Council, has since established itself as an international platform for the exchange of ideas concerning various aspects of theater arts. Now an official publication sponsored by the Department of Drama and Theatre of National Taiwan University, JTS will strive to maintain its high level of academic standard by seeking contributions from interested scholars both at home and abroad.

Editorial Committee

Wang An-Chi (王安祈)
Professor, Department of Drama and Theatre, National Taiwan University
Wang Ayling (王璦玲)
Professor, Department of Theater Arts, National Sun Yat-sen University
Lin Ho-Yi (林鶴宜)
Professor, Department of Drama and Theatre, National Taiwan University
Chou Hui-ling (周慧玲)
Professor, Department of English, National Central University
Jiang Tsui-fen (姜翠芬)
Professor, Department of English, National Chengchi University
Chi Wei-jan (紀蔚然)
Professor, Department of Drama and Theatre, National Taiwan University
Kao Wei H. (高維泓)
Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University
Yung Sai-shing (容世誠)
Professor, Department of Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore

Editorial Consultants

Tanaka Issei (田仲一成)
Member, The Japan Academy
Perng Ching-Hsi (彭鏡禧)
Visiting Professor, Graduate Institute of Cross-Culture Studies, Fu Jen Catholic University
Franklin Hildy
Professor, Department of Theatre, University of Maryland, College Park
Richard Schechner
University Professor, Department of Performance Studies, New York University
Patrice Pavis
Professor, School of Arts, University of Kent

Editor-in-chief /
Chi Wei-jan (紀蔚然)
Professor, Department of Drama and Theatre, National Taiwan University

Managing Editor /
Wu Meng-fang (吳孟芳)
Master of Department of Drama and Theatre, National Taiwan University

English Editor /
Scott DAVIS (戴思客)
Professor of Anthropology, Miyazaki International College

Journal of Theater Studies
Call for Papers

  • 1. Journal of Theater Studies (hereafter, the Journal) is a new scholarly publication intending to enhance academic exchange in theater studies. The Journal welcomes articles of original scholarship on any aspect of drama, opera, or theater.
  • 2. The Journal is biannual, published in January and July.
  • 3. Each article submitted is sent to two reviewers for evaluation. Recommended articles are then sent to the members of the Editorial Board, who make final decisions. All authors will be notified of the decision as soon as possible.
  • 4. Submissions should be written in either Chinese or English, and prepared according to the MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing. Articles written in Chinese should not exceed 30,000 characters, and those written in English should not exceed 50 pages (A4, double-spaced, 12-point type). Book reviews are by invitation only.
  • 5. Authors should provide both a hard copy and a copy in MS Word on a diskette or CD-ROM. Submissions must include abstracts either in Chinese or in English, or both, and five keywords in Chinese and/or English. The author’s name should not appear on the manuscript, but a cover sheet, with the title of the article and the author’s name, professional affiliation and position, mailing address, phone and/or fax number, and e-mail address should accompany the manuscript.
  • 6. The author is solely responsible for obtaining written permission to reproduce, in print and electronic formats, any materials (such as illustrations, charts or graphics, and quotations that exceed fair use) that have been taken from another source.
  • 7. Please do not send any submissions that are under consideration by any other journal. Authors also agree to have their accepted contributions published in CD-ROM or electronically as well as in print.
  • 8. Articles published in Journal of Theater Studies cannot be reprinted, translated, republished or reproduced in any form without first acquiring permission from the journal. If the author wishes to include their own article (or an amended version of it) in a volume of which they are the editor or coeditor, prior permission is not required, but the usual acknowledgements should be made.
  • 9. Authors of published articles will be sent two copies of the Journal and thirty copies of offprint.
  • 10. All correspondence should be addressed to:
  • The Editor, Journal of Theater Studies
  • C/o Department of Drama and Theatre
  • National Taiwan University
  • 1 Section 4, Roosevelt Road
  • Taipei, Taiwan 10617
  • E-mail:

Journal of Theater Studies
Style Guide

For paper written in English, please follow the MLA Style Manual

For paper written in Chinese, please refer to 撰寫格式

To increase the accessibility of the Journal of Theater Studies for more drama researchers to share this academic platform, this journal can be accessed via more channels since 2010:

  • I. Digital:
  • 1. The website link of this journal is added into the webpage of the Department of Drama and Theater, NTU, to offer the full-text articles of the published issues, except the latest one.
  • 2. In collaboration with the online database company, Hyweb Technology, a free non-exclusive license agreement has been signed. The articles of the journal can now be found in the HyRead Taiwan Full-text Database.
  • 3. In collaboration with the online database company Airiti Press and National Taiwan University Press, a non-gratuitous, non-exclusive license agreement (25% as the premium) has been signed. The articles of the journal can now be found in the Airiti library and National Taiwan University Press E-Journal Database.
  • II. Paper Format:
    A sales contract has been signed with National Taiwan University Press with the sales organized by Students Books; 30 copies will be available in the beginning at a retail price of 250 NTD. Readers can buy them at National Taiwan University Press and Students Books.


It is hereby noticed that on the copyright page of the 21 issue, the name "Wei-jan CHI" of the Editorial Committee was misprinted. It should be "Tsui-fen JIANG."