Po Shen LU

Po Shen Lu is a Lecturer at National Taiwan University where he runs the undergraduate directing programme. He is also the artistic director of Tainaner Ensemble, which is celebrated for the kinds of play it has developed from the Western Canons and contemporary Taiwanese plays since its establishment in 1987. Over the last two decades, the majority of Lu’s energies have been devoted to staging Western classic texts that is so distinctive as to be immediately recognizable as to vigorously divide opinion, and so exciting that has attracted many audiences to see his works. He has directed Tainaner’s productions of Antigone (2001), The Witches Sonata- the Macbeth verses (2003), Endgame (2004), Romeo and Juliet (2004), Hamlet (2005, 2015), Lysistrata (2006), The White Snake (2006), Macbeth (2007, 2015), astrated Chicken (2008), The Life of Love (2008), Beauty and the Beast (2009, 2017), Quest and Amnesia I & II (2010, 2014), Mulan – A Musical (2011,2016, 2017,2018), K24 revival version (2009,2011,2015,2018), Re/turn (revival version) (2014, 2018,2021), The Love of the Nightingale (2017), The Twelfth Night (jazz musical) (2018, 2019,2020), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (musical) (2020).

In addition, he has also directed NTU Drama and Theatre Departmental productions, Mulan-A Musical (2009), Measure for Measure, The Bacchai, As You Like It, Six Characters in Search of an Author, House in the Water, etc.

He is often invited to work with Taiwan Bangzi Company (a kind of traditional Chinese theatres), so far he has directed Auntie Liu (劉姥姥), The Merchant of Venice (/), Measure for Measure (量·度) and King Lear (天問) with this company since 2006.